NLC - Aurora Open CQ

  • Game:
    League of Legends
  • Type:
    Team (5)
  • Status:
  • Participants:
2022-09-19 23:00 CEST
2022-09-12 14:00 CEST



UB Round 1September 17, 14 CEST
LB Round 1 & UB Round 2September 17, 18 CEST
LB Round 2September 18, 14 CEST
LB Round 3 & UB FinalSeptember 18, 18 CEST
LB FinalSeptember 19, 20 CEST

Quick Rules

  • A team is eligible to play if at least three (3) of five (5) players used in a game are Locally Trained Representatives (LTR). More about Player Restrictions
  • Teams that qualify for the Closed Qualifier via the Open Qualifier cannot add further players to the roster for the Closed Qualifier.
  • Teams qualifying for the Aurora Open must report their roster to the Administration up to seven (7) days after the end of the Closed Qualifier.
  • If a team is not ready 15 minutes after the match time, the match is considered abandoned. The opposing team must report this with evidence via Support-Ticket.
  • The leader or a captain of a team must appoint a match-eligible line-up on the match page before the start of the official match time. If this is not done within the time limit, the match is automatically considered lost.
  • All players are encouraged to check the opponent's lineup for eligibility. Once the game reaches "Game of Record" status, protests regarding lineups or pick-and-ban phase will no longer be accepted.


For further questions and problems please contact the administration via support ticket. The league administration cannot be reached via or direct messages.