NLC - Winter Split 2022

2022-12-12 23:59 CET
2022-09-16 14:00 CEST

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Important Information

The transmisson of the results seems to be working again, hence the tournament codes are enabled again. If you run into any issues, please report this via support ticket.

Due to an error in the data transmission of the automatic result transmission, we had to temporarily disable the tournament codes. You now have to host lobbies on your own and submit the details on the website in the provided mask and enter the correct result at the end. If you have any questions, please write a support ticket.
Our developers are working on a solution. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Sign-up Start
Calibration Phase Day 1, Check-In from to
Calibration Phase Day 2, no Check-In
Sign-up End
Creation of groups and matchesOctober 4/5
Group Stage StartOctober 10
Transfer Window End (Rule 3.4.3)
Tiebreaker (Rule 2.5.2ff)November 28 - December 4
Group Stage End & Rosterlock (Rule 3.3)
Div 3-4 PlayoffsDecember 10 - December 12
Div 2-3 PlayoffsNovember 10, 12, 14, 15, 17, (19)

Rules overview (Division 3 and lower)

  • A team is eligible to play if at least three (3) of five (5) players used in a game are Locally Trained Representatives (LTR). More about Player Restrictions
  • Any team failing to appear for the official match date on two (2) consecutive or a total of three (3) matches within the group stage may be excluded from the current NLC season by the Administration.
  • The first phase is the calibration phase and takes place at the end of the registration phase. The calibration phase is optional and is used for more accurate classification into the divisions of the participants. More information about the calibration phase
  • A date deviating from the alternate date must have been agreed between the teams by the start of the respective alternate date. If both teams cannot agree on a date by then, the game will be played on the alternative date. The agreement to find a different date is not considered a permissible date shift.
  • Each team must be fully ready to play by the official match time. Players must be in the lobby within 10 minutes of the official match time.
  • The leader or a captain of a team must designate an eligible lineup on the match page before the start of the official match time. If this is not done within the deadline, the match will automatically be considered lost.
  • Each player of the selected match lineup must confirm his/her participation within the group stage starting 15 minutes before and no later than the start of the official match time by marking himself/herself as "present" on the match page.
  • All players are encouraged to check the opposing lineup for eligibility. Once the game has reached the status "Game of Record", protests regarding lineups or Pick&Ban phase are no longer accepted.


For further questions and problems please contact the administration via support ticket! On Sundays between 2pm and 6pm tickets will be processed promptly, at other times a maximum response time of 24 hours is aimed for.
The league administration cannot be reached via or direct messages.

Group Stage

Calibration Phase

Information about the Calibration Phase


Teams, which have already qualified for Division 3 through Summer Split, are not eligible to participate in the calibration phase.


Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Round 6
Round 7


6-7 WinsDivision 3
4-5 WinsDivision 4
0-3 WinsDivision 5