Open for all players: Sign-Up NOW for the NLC

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Are you ready to show your skill and emerge as the new challengers in the Northern League of Legends Championship? The sign-ups are now open for Division 3 to 5, as well as the Starter Division for the brand new contenders in the scene. The highest division of the NLC already started their race for the crown in the 2022 Spring Season. Now it is time for the remaining talented players of the region to follow suit. Whether you're an aspiring pro who aims to advance to the top or you just started your competitive adventure, the NLC features several divisions for everyone to participate in.

The sign-up phase started on Friday, 14 January, 14:00 CET and will be open until Sunday, 6 February, 23:59 CET.

To sign up your team, simply head over to the sign-up guide or the NLC - Spring Split 2022 overview.

There are several different divisions in the NLC. Division 1 features the ten strongest teams of the Northern Region. Division 2 is also already set. Division 3 to 5 and the Starter Division have now opened their doors for you and your friends to conquer. Teams that already competed in the previous season will keep their spot in the respective division they have played in. However, please be aware that you still need to register your team again for this season, even if you've already competed in the past!

The players who are completely new to the NLC will start their journey in the Starter Division. If you want to, you can improve your rank by playing in the Calibration Phase and be assigned to the higher divisions. This step is voluntary, but if you're interested, mark the following dates in your calendar: Day 1 of the Calibration Phase is 5 February with Check-Ins taking place from 13:30 CET - 14:00 CET. Day 2 is 6 February and starts on 14:00 CET with no Check-In required. To summarize:

  • Sign-ups are mandatory for everyone in order to play in the NLC - even if you competed in previous seasons

  • Calibration matches are voluntary, but can improve your rank. If you don't participate, you start in the Starter Division

Once your roster is registered and ready to go, the groups and upcoming matches will be created. The Group Stage then kicks off on 14 February and comes to an end on 10 April. Then, it is time for the Playoffs and your chance to advance to a higher division for the next Season. We wish all participants best of luck!

For more information about the sign-ups, check out these three pages:

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