NLC Spring Playoffs 2022 - Survival guide

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An overview on everything you need to know for the upcoming NLC playoffs: All participants, where to watch and what dates you have to mark on your calendar. The regular NLC Spring Season is over and the playoffs are ahead to crown the rightful champion of the Nordic realm of European League of Legends. A myriad of thrilling matches is waiting for the fans. This survival guide covers everything you need to know to keep a perfect overview on the showdowns.

Everything you need to know

Where to watch:

NLC Twitch channel, NLC YouTube channel

Who will be playing:

Six teams from Division 1: Bifrost, Dusty, JD|XL, Riddle Esports, Vanir, and X7 Esports

What is on the line:

A total of 600 NLC points, a slot in the European Masters 2022 Spring Main Event for 1st place, a slot in the European Masters 2022 Spring Play-In for the 2nd place

What's the format:

Six series split into Round 1, Round 2, Semifinals and Finals. All series are best-of-fives

When are the games:

  • Round 1: 14 March 18:00 CET, 16 March 18:00 CET
  • Round 2: 19 March 18:00 CET, 21 March 19:00 CET
  • Semifinals: 23 March 18:00 CET
  • Finals: 30 March 18:00 CET

The format

From 14 - 30 March, the six strongest teams of the NLC will fight each other in the Spring Playoffs. There is not only fame and glory on the line, but also a handsome amount of NLC points to collect - as well as the two main bounties: The prestigious NLC trophy for the champions and two spots in the upcoming European Masters Spring 2022.

Let's jump back to the beginning and take a look at the overall format of the NLC. The first division is split into two seasons: The Spring Split and the Summer Split. Each split in turn also consists of two phases: the league-style season which is then followed by the playoffs. Ten of the most talented teams in the Northern region battled each other over the course of nine weeks in the Spring season. The games were played in a double round-robin format in best-of-one matches. After nine weeks of play, the top six of these originally ten teams earned their ticket to advance to the playoffs.

The two best line-ups got themselves a head start as they were seeded into Round 2 of the playoffs bracket. The winner already advances to the Finals while the loser gets a second chance in the Semifinals. The remaining four top teams from the regular season will start their journey in Round 1, with every loss meaning elimination.

The participants

The prizes

🏆180 points + Qualification for EM 2022 Spring Main Event
🥈135 points + Qualification for EM 2022 Spring Play-In
🥉105 points
475 points
560 points
645 points

The talent

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