Spring Split Quiz - How much do you know about the NLC?

posted by NanaKrustofski,
Are you ready to test your knowledge about the Division 1 Spring Split 2022? We prepared 10 questions about the NLC and the players. Have you followed the entire NLC Spring Split so far? You think you know all the players, champions and matches inside-and-out? Let's test your knowledge with a little quiz!

The quiz works ias follows: The gallery below features 20 images - 10 questions and the 10 respective answers. You will find the starting question and when clicking on the right arrow, it will take you to the answer. After this, the next question is waiting and so on.

This means there is a total of 10 points to collect. How many questions did you get correct? Tell us your answer in the comments or on twitter! (And don't forget, nobody likes liars!)

Small note: In case your browser does not show the gallery immediately, you can try to click on the "enlarge" symbol and then close it again!

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