Format and calibration phase: Everything you need to know

posted by Jacob Hancox,
Do you want to participate in the NLC Summer Split and conquer the competition with your own team? Our guide explains everything you need to know, from the signup process to the calibration phase. Signups are opening soon for the NLC Summer Split, and players of all ranks can get involved. In our latest video, we covered all the essential info that you need to know about how to get involved in the NLC, how the calibration phase works and also how the lower divisions are structured. Here we will go a little more in-depth on a couple of those topics.

First, any teams which played last split don’t need to re-do the calibration phase. Whichever division they ended up in after the Spring Split will determine where they play in the summer. However, if a team is unhappy with its current division, they are allowed to enter themselves into the calibration phase. If they perform well there, they might be sorted into a higher division than the one they currently find themselves in.

However, this does not mean that teams don’t need to sign-up again. Every team that wants to play in the NLC Summer Split will need to make sure they are signed up to do so.

Additionally, our video mentions that the Swiss system will be used for calibration, but how exactly does that system work? Each team will initially play against a randomly chosen opponent, and each match will consist of two games. If a team wins both matches, they earn two points, if the teams both win one match, they each earn one point.

Then, the next matchups will be determined by each team’s current score. A team with two points will be matched-up against another team with the same score (as long as this is mathematically possible.) As time goes on, a team’s score becomes a better and better reflection of their skill level, and their opponents will therefore become more suitable. If you want to know more about the Swiss system, you can find a more in depth guide here. And if you have any additional questions about the calibration phase in general, you can take a look here.

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