Everything you need to know about the 2022 Division 2-3 playoffs and the Winter Split

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The NLC will feature a special Winter Event this year. Here is an overview of the updated format of the playoffs for division 2-3, how to qualify for the Winter Split and what the Event entails.

Division 2-3 playoffs

Unlike in the lower divisions, the teams from divisions 1 and 2 will not be playing a Winter Split but instead will all be invited to a Winter Event, which will be explained in the bottom section of this article. This means that it will not be possible to play in a traditional Division 2-3 playoffs bracket in Winter like we did in Spring as there is not Division 2 Winter Split to send Division 2 teams to relegations.

To avoid the Winter Split being a split where Division 3 teams are not able to promote but only demote, we have decided to essentially split the Division 2-3 playoffs from Summer in half. This is done by adding a sixth and final game to the Summer Playoffs bracket. The winner of this final game directly qualifies to Division 2, the loser qualifies to the Winter Playoffs where they fight against the winner of the Winter Division 3 Playoffs for the second Division 2 spot.

The bracket and dates for the Summer Division 2-3 Playoffs can be found on our coverage page for Division 2.

Winter Split 2022

The Winter Split of the lower division will take place at the following dates this year:

Sign-up startSeptember 16
Calibration phase Day 1October 01
Calibration phase Day 2October 02
Sign Up EndOctober 02, 23:59

Division 3 Winter Split 2022

This year's Winter Split of the 3rd division will be shorter than the Summer Split. It will likely only feature three playdays through which teams can qualify for the Division 3 Playoffs. The best teams from there can fight for the last remaining Division 2 spot.

As a new addition, we will host a tournament during this year's Winter Split where both professional as well as amateur teams will be able to compete.

This Winter Event will consist of 32 teams which first face each other in a Group Stage, followed by a Playoffs bracket.

We will invite all Division 1 and Division 2 teams, as well as the top 8 teams of Division 3 from the 2022 Summer Split. The remaining four spots will be filled by teams from an Open Qualifier.

The teams from Division 3 (or 4/5 if they qualify through the Open Qualifier) will still be able to play their Winter Split normally, in parallel to the Winter tournament.

More details and exact playdays will be shared in a separate news post.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us via Support Ticket.

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