Place 8-1

posted by Jacob Hancox,

8 – NYYRIKKI (5-1)

The Finnish skeleton-cowboys have undergone some significant changes between the summer split and the Aurora Open. However, two of their late-split additions, Lulas and Faetski, are still part of the roster. Lulas has looked good in groups, while Faetski showed his promise back at the end of summer.

A dropped game to Team Singularity is the only blot on NYYRIKKI’s Aurora Open copybook so far. However, with a relatively easy group, they are yet to truly prove themselves. Depending on their series against Domino, they may rise higher in the power rankings.

7 – Nativz (6-0)

Much like NYYRIKKI, Nativz have yet to be truly tested in the Aurora Open. A clean 6-0 sweep in group D was made easier by the lack of a competitive Vanir team in the group. While Domino and Bastu 5 were no pushovers, it’s hard to say that Nativz have really shown their quality yet.

Stability is the name of the game when it comes to Nativz’ roster, as they have the same line-up which earned them their spot in division 1. However, don’t forget that this roster went all the way to five games before defeating the very same MNM that failed to get out of their group. Alarm bells? Probably not.

6 – X7 Esports (5-1)

X7 Esports have quickly become perhaps the single most intimidating organisation in the NLC. However, X7’s Aurora Open line-up barely resembles the roster they had so much success with in Summer. Viking remains, but substitute players are filling every other role.

That being said, IcyGale, SlowQ, KT and Tabby have all been with the team as substitutes for the whole of Summer. As such, there ought to be a good degree of familiarity and synergy within the ranks. Their loss in groups to Cabbage Family can largely be ignored, as both teams finishing positions had already been determined.

5 – Bifrost (6-0)

Stay frosty. That’s advice Bifrost would do well to live by. A 6-0 sweep in their group may leave them feeling confident, but they weren’t up against the stiffest of competition. Therefore, it’s imperative that the Norwegian organisation doesn’t let its standards slip.

Both solo laners have been retained from summer. Shikari and Furuy have been the focal points for Bifrost in the group stage so far. Losing Odi11 certainly hurts their chances, but overall they still look solid.

4 – Riddle Esports (6-0)

Like Bifrost, Riddle went lossless in their group. RATE Gaming provided a bit of a challenge, but one that the Mean Green were certainly able to overcome. Off the back of a strong summer split in division 1, Riddle have swapped out just one role – the mid lane.

Facen has taken over in place of Vladi, but the strongest aspects of Riddle’s summer roster remain in the forms of Stefan and JaxPlank. KAOS isn’t the toughest opponent they could have drawn in the round of 16, but it oughtn’t be a total walkover.

3 – Astralis Talent (5-1)

At the sharp end we have Astralis Talent. One of the unaltered division one teams, Astralis’ academy team has a big chance to stamp some authority on the NLC, authority that have largely lacked thus far.

A dropped game to Karolinerna Black in their group certainly raised some eyebrows, but the Danes plus Kibah have showed enough in the summer to suggest this was merely a brief aberration. Given the bracket, Astralis may well find themselves facing off in the finals of the Aurora Open.

2 – JDXL (6-0)

In second place we have the other LEC academy team in the scene. JDXL experienced some turbulence towards the end of summer with the departure of EMENES. However, they showed consistent improvement with Mrozku in the midlane, and their roster has been held together since then.

An easy 6-0 in their group leave JDXL looking indomitable. It’s hard to put it better than I have in my preparation notes – “roster stable, team good.”

1 – Dusty (6-0)

Finally we come to our number 1 team in the power rankings. It ought to be no surprise to anyone that Dusty is that team. The team in Pink are the reigning NLC division 1 champions, and they are totally unchanged since then.

In their group, Dusty were totally peerless. It’s hard to see a world where Dusty don’t make the finals of the Aurora Open. Winning it all should be the expectation for the Icelandic organisation.