NLC 2023 Status Update

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An update about the system of the NLC in 2023. When we took over the NLC at the end of 2021, we decided to aim high. As such, we made significant investments to ultimately reach those high standards of an accredited ERL and to further improve quality, reach and relevance.

With regards to the NLC broadcast, we feel we have achieved this as is reflected by the extent to which our audience grew over 2022. As a result, we hoped to be able to maintain our momentum into 2023 and attract new commercial partners.

We tried our best throughout the year but sadly, we did not hit our partnership goals due to the current market situation. As such, it is no longer financially viable to continue at the level at which we have been operating. Therefore we have to take a step back for 2023 to establish an alternative path to lead the NLC into the future.

We explored various options, but unfortunately, it became apparent that our most viable avenue was to downscale and become a non-accredited ERL. While some parts of the process are still being worked on, this is the preliminary structure for the NLC in 2023:

  • Division 1 will remain
  • For the system below Div 1 we will work out a solution within the next weeks
  • 8/10 teams (decision depends on the feedback from the teams)
  • 2 Splits and 1 Pro-Am tournament (the Aurora Open)
  • Prize money and stipends reduced from 200k to 45k
  • Downscaled broadcast, media content and coverage

Even though this decision is very hard for us, we want to assure you that we are fully commited to offering an enjoyable league for both teams and fans. In addition to this, we will continue our discussions with Riot Games and possible commercial partners within the region to come up with an upgraded concept from 2024 on.