Calibration Phase

What is the Calibration Phase?

The calibration phase is intended to give new teams the opportunity to place themselves directly in more appropriate divisions without first having to fight their way through the Starter Division. The following league phase then offers the chance to play up further according to the skill level.

How to sign up?

  • Registration on the website (detailed guide)
  • Link LoL-account
  • Create or join a team

    • Create: Create easily via the sidebar. Share team link and team password with members.
    • Join: Go to team profile, press join and enter team password.
    • Team search: Teamfinder

  • Sign-up for Season on league page: Both during the league sign-up, as well as afterwards the sign-up for the calibration phase is possible
  • Players must individually confirm their participation. Only confirmed players are eligible to participate in the Calibration Phase (confirmation on league page).

How does the calibration phase work?

  • Check-in from 13:30 to 14:00 on the last Saturday of the sign-up phase (necessary for participation).
  • Up to five (5) rounds will be played on each of two (2) days. Each team must play each round to be calibrated
  • The first match will start at 14:00 each day.
  • The next round will be created once all matches from the previous round are completed
  • The lineup can change between matches, but must be specified for each match on the match page no later than 10 minutes after the official match time. If the lineup is not specified, the match is considered lost and further participation in the calibration phase is no longer possible
  • Stand-ins are not allowed. Only confirmed players of the lineup are eligible to play
  • The first named (left) team has the side choice

How does the calibration phase distribution work?


How does the Swiss-System work?

More detailed information about the Swiss-System can be found here.