Signup guideline

This guide is meant to help you register for the NLC.


First of all, every future participant needs a GameSports account. To create one, click on "Login" in the upper right corner and on "Sign Up" in the newly opened pop-in. Your desired username as well as a valid e-mail address are sufficient and the registration is already completed. Alternatively, registration via existing social media accounts is also possible, for example Facebook or Google.

Link Riot account

You can easily set up your new account:

➤ To do so, either go to the "Register Account" button in the bar on the left of our page or directly to your profile.

➤ You will then be redirected to the Riot Games authentication process, where you will log in with your League of Legends / Riot Games account.

➤ Then you give GameSports permission to view the user ID. That's it!

Your account is now ready and waiting for you to play the next games in League of Legends.

Create or join a team

To join the NLC, there is one thing missing: a team. There are basically two options here. Either you create your own team or you join an already existing one.

Create a team

If you are not yet a member of a team and like to take things into your own hands, you can create your own team here. Enter a suitable and tasteful name as well as a tag. It is also important to have a valid e-mail address for contact purposes and a password that other people will need to join the team. Last but not least, each team needs a logo. Please note the limitations regarding the size (200x200 pixels) and the file format (only .jpg). As with the team name, only logos that are not racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive are acceptable. If you are unsure if an image or name is still in good taste, feel free to drop us a Support Ticket.

Join a team

Your friends have already created a team? No problem! Go to the Team Overview and enter the name of the team there. Alternatively you can just ask your friends for the team link. Once you have found the right team, go to the profile and join the team! Please note that you need the team password. You will get it from the leader or captain of the team. Just ask for it!

The team search

Via our Teamfinder teams can apply for open slots. This is the best way to get to know new teams and find a suitable team. Additionally you can create your own profile - so other teams can find you in the search and contact you directly if they are interested.

Sign up for the league

Once you have a team, you're ready to move on. The next step is to register for the league itself. The registration can only be done by the leader or a captain. So if you fill one of the roles, go to the league page. Here you can sign up the team for the current season, if the signup is already (or still) running. If you are neither leader nor captain of your team, there is nothing for you to do here, except of course to remind the right people on the team!

Confirmation of the players

The last step is for each player to confirm their participation in the current season. This is necessary to make sure that all players are really active and want to participate in the season. The leader or captain who registered the team is already automatically confirmed. The same applies to all players who have joined the team within the last 14 days.

Important: Exception here is if more than ten (10) players (the maximum allowed players within a season) have joined in the last 14 days - then no one is automatically confirmed.

Do you still have questions?

Just contact us via Support-Ticket! We are happy to help you.