Rule changes - General rules

The purpose of this document is to illustrate rule changes. Only significant changes are presented. Cosmetic changes such as the rewording of individual terms or the correction of errors are not listed.

Update 04.07.2022

RuleNew TextComment
8.1The use of software and hardware that may affect League of Legends in any way is prohibited. In particular, the use of software that offers graphical overlays within League of Legends, such as timers for jungle camps or summoner spells, is prohibited.Added specification for ingame overlays

Update 08.06.2022

RuleNew TextComment
3.6.5An organization may provide a maximum of one (1) team per group. The Starter Division is excluded from this restriction. If a second team from an organization that fields a team in Division 1 or 2 qualifies for the Division 3 playoffs, that team may not participate in these playoffs. The next highest ranked teams from the same group will advance instead.Clarified

Update 04.05.2022

RuleNew TextComment
1.2.3Players who participate in a so-called "European Regional League" (ERL) or "Professional Esports League" at the same time are excluded from participation in the NLC. Players who are no longer a member of a team of an ERL or "Professional Esports League", but have participated in at least 50% of the regular split in one of these leagues, are excluded from participation in the NLC until the respective split has been completed.New Rule
3.3Teams can add a total of four (4) Players to the lineup after the end of the registration phase until the end of the group stage. Adding a Player consumes one roster addition. With the start of the playoff stage, adding players is no longer possible.End of groupstage moved from sunday (last tiebreaker day) to wednesday and additions during playoffs now explicitly prohibited.
3.4.3A Player may join a season lineup after the end of the fourth (4) week of play only if they were not previously a member of another team's season lineup.Note added: The end of the fourth (4) week in the Summer Split 2022 is: . Rule unchanged.
6.4.4Newly released champions are locked for the patch they are released on. Furthermore, the Administration reserves the right to temporarily or briefly disable individual champions, for example due to bugs.Clarification
6.4.5If a Champion is selected as a pick by a team as per rule 6.4.4, the Champion Selection shall be stopped immediately and all picks and bans shall be repeated in identical order. If the Champion Selection is not stopped and the match is deemed to have started as per rule 6.3.5, protests regarding the pick will not be accepted.New Rule
6.4.6Should the Champion Selection be abandoned by a team, that team is required to inform the opposing team immediately of the reason(s) for the abandonment.New Rule
8.1The use of software and hardware that may affect League of Legends in any way is prohibited.Not necessarily complete list of disallowed tools added, first entry: Leaguetracker. Rule unchanged.

Update 09.02.2022

RuleNew TextComment
5.1.3The alternate date within the group stage is for the divisions 5 and 6 as well as Starter Division always Sunday at 16:00 o'clock and for the divisions 3-4 always Sunday at 16:00 o'clock. in the respective match week and will be displayed accordingly on the match pages as official match date.Changed alternate date to 4pm CET for each division.

Update 13.12.2021

Changelog has been created.